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April 11, 2022


      Live each day, as you know, it is your last.  Live each day, when you do not know, it is your last.  Live, each day.  Do not let them fade away.  Each day, no matter where it falls, in line, according to your time, your allotted time, live it, fully.  Live each day, so that you leave a living legacy, and let each day be just that.  When you are tempted, to be sad, dance, sing, walk through a meadow of flowers; but do not dwell, in sadness, for hours, or even minutes.  Live.  That is what you are supposed to be doing, living.  And your perspective, on living, is important.  Live.  For, there will come a time, when your life, upon the Earth, is complete.  For now, you have the opportunity, to live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Live your life, each day, as a testimony: that you believe, in eternal life; that no fear has a grip on you; that your knowing this, pushes away doubts, and anxiety.  Live what you say you believe, because, when you believe, in eternal life, these crises, of the day to day, routines, seem small.  And when you know that nothing comes to you that you cannot do, that you are not prepared to do, then, you look at what is before you, and smile, and nod, and say, “It is mine, and I shall do it.  Today, it is done.”  Be positive in your approach to life.  Smile, and live today, leaving a living legacy of your life today.  With this intention, all things will be shining.  It will be glorious.  Live, and give the glory to God.