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April 10, 2022



      Put your trust, and your faith, in Me, and then, your confidence, will not slip, or come, or go.  It will rise-up because you know.  You know Me.  You are taught by Me.  I show you The Way, and I care for you, every day.  So, when you come, and ask a question, the answer is yours, and you know what to do.  This is confidence, beyond what the world teaches you.  This is confidence in Me, Me working with thee.  Put your faith, and trust, in Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The material world can be fickle, and you can have faith, that something will happen, you can trust, that something will turn out the way you hope, it will turn out.  But after you have lived, a number of years, you know, this is not true.  But when your faith, and trust, is placed, in the lap of God, you know exactly what to do.  The Whisper is, within.  Come, and sit.  I have been sent to reside, within you, to teach you The Ways of God.  You shall not be turned away.  You will be given, your answer, and course of direction, without delay.  This is confidence, beyond what the material world teaches.  It is confidence, in The Eternal Presence, with you.  It is confidence, in the present piece of eternity, that is, with you.  It is confidence, of one who knows, The Way.