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April 10, 2022



      “I AM with you.  Come, let us walk through this time, this day, together.  There is much to see: when you see, that which is around you, through eternal eyes; when you understand the meaning of creation, and all that is placed around you, for your joy, so that you might know The Glory of God, in the flower, and the rock, and the bird, and the bee.  And in that way, you will come to know, the glory, that is, within thee.  Come, walk with Me, today. 


       “As you live your life, upon the Earth, and grow in years, it will not take long, for you to see, and know, that some people come, and go, entering your life, and leaving, moving.  You will also find that, some people, are approving, the things you do, and enjoying your accomplishments, cheering you on.  And others, who might not understand, that which you do, leave the cheering for others, and walk on.

       “This understanding, of the flow, of approval, or lack thereof, comes, relatively, early, in your life upon Earth.  Even on the playground: you might want to play with someone, who does not want to play, with you; and, someone, who wants to play, with you, might be rejected, by you.  You see it early.  You see the tears.  You hear the cheers.  But the lessons, are already coming, and you are already learning.  By the time you reach adulthood, these knowings stay with you.  Often, you protect yourself, from what you consider to be rejection.  You do not reach-out, therefore you cannot be hurt, by rejection.  These lessons, that you are learning, are limiting, that which you can do.

       “Seek not, the approval, of those, around you.  Seek first, The Presence of God, with you, and listen, to what God says, to you.  Speak to The Holy Spirit of God, within you, and The Wisdom of God is yours.  Then, it falls to you.  Do you carry through, with what God has spoken to you, with what The Holy Spirit has guided you to do?  This should be the place, where you grow, in confidence, because you will not be led astray.  You will hear only truth, and direction and guidance on how you can accomplish the goal, by doing it, using The Ways of God.

       “If you put your faith, and trust, in the world, created by man, your confidence will be up, one day, and smashed, the next, because there will be different direction, coming from different people, all leading you in a direction, they think, is best, for you.  And, in this situation, with those admirers, or defamers, of you, there will, sometimes, be the cheering, and there will, sometimes, be the jeering, all directed at you.  So, what are you to do, since you live in the world, the material world?

       “What you do is this.  First, remember who you are.  You are an eternal being, a daughter, or son, of God, and you are spirit, first.  Now, that you have that in hand, take every question, you have, to God.  Listen, to what The Holy Spirit says, to you, and let that be the course of your direction.  Follow The Wisdom of God.  Then, no matter what you do, the crowds, encircling you, be they cheering, or jeering, will be peripheral.  It will not stop you from doing, that which God is calling you to do.  You are aware of it, but it is no longer a huge distraction, for you.  You see it, and you know it, but you continue through, following The Way, that is set before you.  This, My brothers, and sisters, is confidence.  Place your trust, and your faith, in God, and this mighty confidence will be yours.”