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April 9, 2022


      I wish for you to know, that, My ways are, within you.  At the core of your being, you know, My ways.  They seem unfamiliar to you, now, because you have looked more, to the material world, for answers.  And the material world has given you answers, and caught your attention, and pulled you away, into the material world.  You read books and go to lectures.  You have human being experience, in the material world.  And as the years pass, you become more material, than spiritual.  The ways of the world, you know, and know well.  But still, at the core of your being, are My ways.  And as you release, the ways of the material world, to sit with Me, for a while, you begin to remember, My ways.  And as a flicker becomes a flame, the remembering, brings forth the memory, of My says, within you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Take some time, every day, to sit with God, to talk, to say what is upon your heart, to listen.  And then, every day, you will begin to remember, that the ways of God are, within you.