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April 8, 2022



      For those, of you, who are going through challenging, trying, times, right now, I suggest, that even though your heart might be weeping, or your body might be hurting, or your thoughts are of rejection, it is still possible to smile.  You might not feel like smiling.  You might not want to smile.  But I tell you, it is possible, for you, to smile.  Even the slightest acknowledgement, of the knowing, that I love you, should be enough, to prompt, a smile.  Smile.  No matter what is set before you, no matter how evasive the goal, it is still possible, to smile.  And once you are smiling, and breathing deeply, knowing, that I love you, nothing will keep you from embracing, My love for you, with a smile, or two.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is amazing, to see, what a smile can do, for you, or others, around you.  When you are walking, down a street, and a stranger smiles your way, it alters your feelings, maybe slightly, but still, it does.  It has an impact, on your day.  You can have an impact, on all those you pass, by smiling.  No need for words.  Just smile.  Soon, you will find you are doing it with little, or no, effort, even adding, with intention, a blessing, with your smile.  And after doing this, for just a while, you will come to recognize that you feel better.  You are, no longer, angry, or feeling alone.  The power, of a smile is, within you.  Smile.