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April 7, 2022



      There are many ways to say, “I love you,” and each of you, has your own, unique, way, of doing so.  Even when using the same words, “I love you,” there is a reflection, in your voice, that comes from the inner you.  Your words reflect, what you feel, within.  Yet, it sounds slightly different, coming from each one of you, because it is reflecting the inner, authentic you.  Sometimes, your saying, “I love you,” is shown in the deeds you do, or even thoughts, that you have, because thoughts come before the words.  However you express your love, for others, let today, be the day, that you renew, the energies, of love, within you: and show your love; and speak of your love, and your inner love will grow, that reflection of all that is within you; and the loving way will spread over the Earth, today, if you will but choose to do it.  Let today, be a celebration, of the way, you love, and let it be bold, and grand, and glorious.  Speak, of love, today.  Act, in love, today.  Bring love with you, as you walk, The Way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I love you.  Amen.