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April 14, 2022



      My creation is worthy of another look, a second glance.  It is worthy of your attention.  Do not busy yourself, to the point, that you move around, all through the day, with your head down, letting nothing stand in your way.  For, I say unto you, let the dandelion stand in your way.  Look at it, and marvel at its beauty.  Let the song of the bird stand in your way.  Listen, and know, its song.  Whatever you are doing today, stop, be still, and see, what is attempting, to draw your focus, so that you might know, better, My creation; for, your busyness might be the thing that is standing in the way of your enjoying My creation, looking, seeing, and knowing.  You are My creation.  Be bright, and cheery, as a dandelion.  Sing your song, as the bird sings.  Call attention, to the gifts, you carry, buy using them, this day, because you, and the dandelion, and the singing bird, are all My creation.  Look, and see it, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It cannot be said too many times.  Go out, into God’s creation, and play, and walk, and sing, and see.  It is so beautiful, and you are not looking.  You are not listening.  You are not seeing it.  There is nothing, on your list to do, that is more important than your seeing the beauty of God’s creation, today.