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April 15, 2022


      When you see the river, walk into it.  When you see the rain, let it fall upon you.  When you see the sun, stand in its light, and be warmed.  When you see the rock, touch its surface, the solid surface, of the rock.  When you see the flower, breathe-in its aroma.  When you see the ocean, ride upon its waves.  When you see the sand, let your hand move over it, and let it flow through your fingers.  When you see the animals, of Earth, respect them, admire them, walk with them.  When you see the birds, sing with them, fly with them.  When you see the trees, touch the trees, and feel the pulsing, from within.  Whatever you see, experience, and be.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       For each one, upon the Earth, every person, upon the Earth, there will come the time, when you say good-bye to touching the trees, and to seeing things such as sun, and moon, and rain, flowers, rocks, rivers.  You will not see them, the same.  It will be time for you to move on, from the Earth experience.  So, to make sure, that your experience, is complete, live your life that way, today, completely.  There is no need to talk about it, just live it, today.