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April 16, 2022


      Many of you call My name.  And My name, for many of you, might sound different.  Still, you are calling My name.  Some of you, call My name, by speaking it.  Others, call My name, while thinking it.  It does not matter, how you call My name, when you come to Me, in times of fear, or worry, or pain.  Call My name, and come to Me.  And I will stop, and I will listen, and I will hear; and in that instant, you will know, The Way is clear, for you.  Call My name.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It will take practice to do, because most of you, are used to, asking others, around you, what they think, you should do.  When you do this, you are not using the wisdom, that is, within you.  You might end up with many different answers, to your questions.  And each of the answers might be adequate.  But, if you want to know, which way you are to go, remaining in the divine flow, then you must stop, and be still, and quiet, and call.  God will not let you wander, alone.  I have been sent, to dwell, within each of you.  And when you ask, I will answer.  And the answer, will be yours.  Call.