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April 17, 2022




      “I AM with you.  Passing through the dimensions, one after another, which are all with you, I AM with you, as well.  It is important for you to remember, this day, that you are not alone.  Everything created, all the dimensions, are with you.  So, take My hand, and let us walk, together, over the land, and the soil, and the beaches, and the seas, and the oceans, mountains, valleys, and rivers, today, celebrating I AM with you.   


         “When your time, upon Earth, is one of challenge, or pain, or hurt, or rejection, it is a valuable time, of learning.  And there might be pain, and there might be sorrow, or sadness, tears, but in the face of this dilemma, if you will voluntarily look at it, as a lesson, during the pain, and the hurt, and the tears, you will be understanding that, what is with you, is something, to be experienced, and it is a lesson, to learn.  Once the lesson, is learned, and it is recorded in your book of experience, your book of wisdom, upon the Earth, then you move, to your next experience.  And, it might be one of joy, abundant joy, and happiness, painless.  And that too, needs to be reviewed, by you, so that you can see and learn, in the light of a new day, how to work, and how to play, in unlimited joy.

         “Even the experience, of bumping your toe, or catching a cold, or breaking a bone, is something to experience.  And it will pass.  Yet, the experience is with you.  I speak to you today, in this way, because, many of you carry the experience itself.  So, you hold grief, and sorrow, and lack, within your body.  It is not necessary to do.  Take whatever is happening to you, and create a valuable lesson, with it.  Then, as you shake off the residue, of this experience, unpleasant as it is, or was, then you hold the pearl of wisdom.  It is yours.  There need be no repetition, because it is a lesson, learned.  And then, you continue, writing your book, the book of you, and all you did do, upon Earth.

         “This is The Way to deal with challenge, hurt, without being dismayed, without being sorrowful, and sad, the rest of your days.  It is a badge, a badge of courage, and strength, and faith, that you made it through.  After the experience, if you do this, if you learn the lesson, and then shake free, from the debris, it is as if the pain, the grief, the sorrow, slips away from you, can no longer hurt, or harm you, as you walk into the day, new, refreshed, revitalized. 

         “Nothing, that happens, to your earthly body, lasts forever.  And this is important to remember.  Your body is an Earth suit, a garment, which was chosen, designed specifically, for the lessons you are to learn upon Earth.  That is why it is different from everyone else’s, similar in some ways, but different, in many ways.  Your body is your learning ground.  It is your classroom.  Use it to its fullest potential.  Bring the light into the core of your body, and realize, you are spirit, first.  The outer garment is there for a reason, but it will not last forever.  You, the spirit that is you, are an eternal being.  When the time comes, and it shall, for each of you, just as it came for Me, you will rise-up.  It is the ultimate healing.  The spirit lives forever.   So, work on what lasts forever, and be at peace with your Earth suit, your body, knowing it is serving a great purpose.  Learn your lessons.  Be prepared.  Rise-up into the new day.”