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April 17, 2022



      The pains, of childbirth, pass away, and grow dimmer, in the light of the day, as you watch the child, grow-up, and walk away, happy in the life, upon Earth.  The pain, of a broken leg, melts away, as you get stronger, every day.  And when it is healed, you rise-up, and say, “Let us go out in the world, and play.  The pain, of illness, melts away, as you recover, and the light of the day beckons you to come out, and play, in the creation Mother Earth presents that day.  The pain, of hunger melts away, when the time of fasting is gone, and the time comes, for feasting, in the light of a new day.  The pains, that come with life upon Earth, will, one day, pass away, when you return to spirit, and rise-up and say, “My life on Earth was a good day.”

And The Holy Spirit says:

       That, which is set before you, is meant to be experienced, by you.  But once the experience is complete, and done, then you rise-up, and play, in the light of the sun, or feel the rain fall on your shoulders.  The experience, though you might not choose to do it again, is with you, in the form of a lesson, showing where you have been.  Use all that happens to you, during your life, upon Earth.  One day, you will be prepared, to say, “My life on Earth, that was a pretty good day!”