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April 18, 2022



      Even in times of loss, or sorrow, pain, if you permit it, My light will shine.  And the light, shining, will be as a candle, in the window.  But, in order to permit it, you must set your intention, not to fall into the deep sorrow, and grief, or anguish, choosing instead, to focus, on the light, that is, with you.  And as you focus, slowly, but surely, you will come out of the shadows, and darkness, and the light will be bright, and you will know.  You will know, and understand, the importance of walking through a land that is held, within the grip, of the deepest emotions of loss.  For, as you walk, and you permit it, My hand, will lead you through it.  You will not wander.  You will not be lost.  You will not go in circles.  You will make your way, through that place, and out again.  Focus, on resurrecting yourself.  Focus, on the resurrection, of the light, from the darkness, and shadow, and that is where it will be.  And your progress will be sweet, and you will grow stronger, with every step, because I AM, walking, with thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If your focus is not upon the light, alter your perspective, modify your stance, do not permit your glance to go into darkness, and shadow.  Focus on the light.  Be an active participant, in the resurrection, from the darkness, and shadow, and in that, all things will be made new, and put back together, as they are meant to be, eternally.  Your attention follows your focus.  And your focus, and attention, need to hold the intention, of standing, in The Light.