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April 19, 2022



      Sometimes, as you start the day, temptations come to you, luring you into shadow, and darkness: with thoughts, of anger, or frustration; with thoughts, of envy; with thoughts, of other individuals, which are not of the light.  When these thoughts come to you, cast them out, outright.  If you pay attention, to the thoughts, that are parading through your head, every morning, then, you will have a sign to know, it is time to stop, whatever you are doing, and go directly, to the casting-out, of them.  If you permit, these thoughts to remain, throughout the day, then they will lead you, in a very negative way.  Get rid of them, immediately.  Cleanse yourself, completely.  And then, as they pop-up, again, during the day, cast them away.  You are the gatekeeper, of your thoughts.  Make sure that your thoughts are good, and pure, and that is the energy, you will be carrying, to others, as you move through your day.  You know well these thoughts.  If they are not of blessing another, tell them to go away.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Morning is the best time to check your thoughts.  If you have had problems, or issues, or arguments, leftover residue, from another day, it is time to care of it, with the morning light.  Cast them out of you.  And then, as you are clean, within, you are ready to walk through the day.  And when you do it, and proceed, walking through the day, you spend the day, blessing, rather than cursing, all along The Way.  Check your thoughts, at the beginning, of the day.