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April 20, 2022


      Those issues, those matters, which are floating around, within your thoughts, growing to the intensity of a storm, they seem very large, to you.  They seem, daunting, to you, and powerful, to you.  You feel, you need to make a decision, but you cannot find a thread, to follow, to lead to a good decision.  You are going through a trying time, a time of challenge.  The answer is, come, sit with Me.  I invite you to come, and sit with Me.  For, no matter how great it might appear, to thee, it is not an unsolvable issue, for Me; for, I can see, all that is coming.  I know, all that will be.  Therefore, I know, how to resolve the storm, brewing in thee.  But there is something that you must do, to be calm, as a tranquil sea.  And that is to come, and sit with Me, and be willing, to let Me lead thee, from a place, of turmoil, to a place, of tranquility.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You are prepared for all things, but the temptation to seek your answers, and make your decisions, based on the rules, and regulations, of the world, created by man, make everything more difficult.  The mountain is higher, the distance is greater, the depths are deeper, because you cannot see, fully.  But you can, see all things when you come, and sit with Me.  The only thing required, for there to be peace, once again, within thee, is for you to be willing, to embrace the answer, you receive, and put all your faith, and trust, in Me.  In this way, the resolution, will be divine.