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April 21, 2022


      Do not reject that, which I AM giving to you, now, clinging to the old, refusing the new.  Open your hands, and embrace that, which I AM giving, unto you.  For, as you grow, you change.  You outgrow the things you wore as a child, the things you wore as an adolescent.  Sometimes, you even outgrow the things you wore as an adult.  And it is the same, My son, My daughter, with spiritual growth.  I call you to come forward, and accept, the gift, I give you, today.  It will be exactly what you need.  It will fit the purpose.  It will be the right gift to use, today.  I offer you the light.  Do not continue to dwell in the shadow.  Come.  Come forward.  Accept the gift I give you, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Very often, it is the case, that there is reluctance: to wear the new shoes, when the old shoes feel so comfortable; to change the way you do something, when the old way feels so comfortable; to alter your perspective, when the old perception feels so comfortable.  Do not dwell, in the old comfort, clinging to the old shoes, old ways, old perceptions, until they fray, and crumble.  Do not hide in the box of comfort, refusing the new, the adventure, the mystery, given unto you, just because it is more comfortable not to do, not to accept.  Your life on Earth is meant to be an adventure.  Reach-out in search of the adventure.  When you reach-out, God is there.  When you shake the old dust, from your feet, and step onto the path, God is there.  Do not look back.  Look forward, God is there.  Follow.