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April 2, 2023



      Open your hand.  See?  There is a place, within your hand, to receive, to offer.  There is a place, in your hand, for that, which is to come, to you.  Now, close your hand.  What do you see?  There is very little possibility that, that clinched hand will be able to receive, or to offer.  When you hold-on to that, which is, with you, in the present, you are not moving forward.  You are not moving forward, at all.  You have confined yourself to stay, with your hand, gripping the present.  Do not be afraid to open, your hand, and go forth.  Open your hand, and stretch out your arm, and look, and what do you see?  It is an arm, and a hand, extended-out to every possibility, leading you down the road, where you are meant to go, around the bend.  And once you make that turn, and go, you see there is no end, just possibility, and eternity.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you refuse to move, if you are hesitant to take a step, then you are stuck, where you are, never moving, never stepping.  I AM reaching-out My hand, and I AM within you.  Feel the energy, of My hand, moving out, and through you, whispering, rise-up and walk, into a new day, with no hesitation, no dismay, going forward, with a prayer upon your lips, Thy Will be done.  This puts you right in the middle of The Divine Flow.  And there, you will stay, and there you will go, around every bend, and see a new horizon.  It will be new, every day.  Rise-up.  Move.  Take the step.  I go with you, into the new day.