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April 1, 2023

      See the river, stretched before you, moving on, endless, in time.  See the river, stretched before you.  It is sacred, and it is divine, and it is moving, with you.  Although the illusion might be, it is ahead of you, your feet are already in the river divine.  And all you need do is move, forward.  Come.  You are mine, and I will show you The Way.  See the river flow.  Follow the river, today.  For, the river is the place where is stored all you need.  Follow the river.  And, as you do, you become the river.  And as you walk, farther, and farther, you realize the river is you.  It is you.  I have blessed you with all you need, inside.  Your inner landscape holds all.  All is one.  And now, see the river before you.  It is one, with you, just as all you carry, within.  And the farther you walk, in the river, the deeper you go, within, and it is divine.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You can walk along the shore, in the sandy beach, your feet kicking-up particles of sand, that began in the ocean, on its floor.  You can see it all, and you can have a feeling of adoration of this incredible creation; and you watch the sky, and the ocean, appearing to touch, and be one.  And the light of the sun, coming out of the ocean, or so it appears to be, casting a golden road, all the way to the beach to meet thee; and, it beckons you to come.  Come.