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March 31, 2023


      Come, to Me.  Come, without hesitation.  Come, without fear.  My hand is reaching out, for thee.  Take, My hand, and see, The Light.  It is shining, all around thee.  You are My child, and The Love, which created you, still glows, still lives, ever increasing, never depleting.  Love is the cord, which holds us, together, not bound, set free, held only by the golden cord of love.  I wish for you to know who you are, and the power, within thee.  All I have, I have already given, unto thee.  Our union is not something yet to come.  Our union is now.  Come.  Come, to Me.  The songs, of the angels, will accompany thee, as you release all fear, and come, to Me.  I AM here, before you, yet you do not see.  Close your eyes, to the world created by man, and take My hand.  Come, to Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Oh, the sweetness of God’s Love.  It is the source of all creation, and the source is, within you.  It is held in The Love of God, for you, and all God’s creation.  Do not run, and do not hide.  For there is no reason to deny yourself, the union, with God.  Listen not to the trickery, which tells you, you are not worthy of this sacred union.  For that is not true.  You were created, within this sacred union.  Your creation is this sacred union.  Come, into the sweetness of God’s Love, and you will remember, and remembering will set you free, to come, and sit, with Me.