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March 30, 2023


      Your true strength waits, hidden from view, lying within Me.  Your strength is Me.  All I have, I give unto thee, so you too might know strength, spiritual strength, eternal strength.  Your courage rests with Me, as well.  For, as you take My hand, and walk with Me, looking, seeing eternity, your strength builds, your courage does not ebb, it flows.  There is much to show you, but you will not see, until you release, and come with Me.  You will see the truth, and you will know the truth, as you walk upon the Earth, all because you chose to walk, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Most find it unbelievable, impossible, yet, it is true.  The Gifts of God surround you, as does The Kingdom of God.  It is not out of reach.  But you do have to desire, to seek, The Ways of God.  And you can do so, while you walk, upon the Earth.  While you laugh and dance, upon the Earth, you can know God.  The corridors are there for you to trod.  They are, within you.  You do have to desire to tread the hallways, within.  But there is no impediment, for any of you.  All are welcome to travel, within.  No ticket needs to be purchased.  No course needs to be taken.  Each of you, has the ability, to desire, and that desire, will set you free, to walk the corridors, of your inner being, there, to sit with Me.