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March 29, 2023



      Walk into My arms, and I will whisper your pain away.  Fear and anxiety will melt away, as we move into an eternal embrace, and within the dance of no time, you will remember My words, My face.  In the sweet communion, it all comes rushing back to you.  The flow, of the union, washes away all things, and you are free.  You found your freedom, within Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Surrender requires desire to be with The Creator in a deeper way.  And as you desire, your will, will lead you, and you will be awash with the flow of eternity, and feel The Light, encircling you, holding you.  Every breath, you take, will remind you, you are living on Earth.  Every release, you allow, will remind you, you are in the safe, nurturing energy of All That Is, of all that is sacred, holy, and eternal life sustaining.  And, in that space, you are held, suspended, between Heaven and Earth, in The Arms of God.