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March 28, 2023


      When you come to the end of a journey, first you seek to rest, eat, drink, and restore your energy, which has waned during your travels.  Then, after rest is accomplished, after food and drink has been taken, after energy is restored, and you feel the rush of renewal, you are ready to rise-up, and continue.  Care for your spirit in the same way.  Come, and abide, with Me, and you shall be restored in My Light.  You will rise-up, and continue along The Way, carrying My Light, to show you The Way Home.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is always the illusion of a beginning and an end.  As day flows into night, we see the day, we see the night.  But the day knows it is continuing into the night.  And the night knows it is continuing into the day.  Energy into energy, moving, living, existing, within each other.  They are one in the continuing, the flow, the eternal, the creation.  They are one.