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April 24, 2022



      I AM your Father, your Parent, your Mother.  I AM your Creator.  As I love you, love others.  As I feed you, manna from Heaven, feed others.  As I give you living waters, to quench your thirst, quench the thirst of others.  As I forgive you, forgive others.  As I shower you with mercy, be merciful to others.  As I show compassion, and kindness to you, show compassion, and kindness to others.  As I do for you, do for others.  Then others shall know My ways, by knowing your ways.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It has been placed upon your heart, to do good, to be kind, and gentle, and compassionate.  Only when temptations storm the walls of your inner chamber, are you tempted to anger, or hatred, or greed.  The natural, that comes from the seed, planted, within you, by the hand of God, is to be good, kind, merciful, and compassionate to others.  Reject the temptations, and let the seed planted by God grow, and flourish, and bless the world, and all in it.