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April 24, 2022



      “I AM with you.  It is the dawn of a new day, and I AM with you.  At this time of the year, the Earth is blossoming, and blooming.  Winter is over, and springtime is here.  It is with you.  And part of the Earth is scented with blossoming flowers, birds, and insects, of all kinds, are emerging, from the Earth.  Rebirth.     


      “After My resurrection, it was a joyful time, to spend with those, whom I loved.  Today, I want to share something, a feeling, a lesson, with you.  When I was speaking, of God, I said, ‘My Father, and your Father, My God, and your God.’  I walked upon the Earth, in flesh, a human being.  Still, beneath the cloak of flesh, was My eternal being, just as your cloak, of flesh, is wrapped around your eternal being.  You and I are spirit.  You are of God.  You are My brother and sister, in flesh, but our spirits live, forever.  This takes faith, to believe, to act upon, to know, because, if you permit questions, to rival your belief, flowing from the world, created by man, you might find, the temptation to difficult, to stand up against it, by saying, ‘I believe.’  No matter how difficult it is, stand up, and say it.  For, you will not be standing alone.  I will be standing with you.  Remember, I also said, Heaven is near to you, Heaven is with you.  So, where could I be, but standing, by you.  You do not stand up alone.

      “It is also important, for you to remember, and hold close, that I will always seek you.  God always seeks you, sending signs, and messages, all of the time, many of them missing, missing an ear to hear, an eye to see, a heart to open.  So, they go unnoticed.  But still, you are so precious, you are sought.  Even for those, who doubt, there is the reaching-out, just as the example was shown, in Thomas, who doubted.  He did not believe, because of the doubt, planted by questions, from the world created by man.  But then, he became part of the miracle apparition, and there I was, standing with him.  There could be no doubt, in the presentation, nor in the experience, of seeing, and believing.  This was a man, who knew Me, who walked with Me.  And still, the seed, of doubt, grew, within him.  So, I was there, to stand by him, and show him The Way.

      “Do not punish yourself, or ridicule yourself, if doubt threatens, to envelope you.  As Thomas doubted, it is possible for you too, to doubt.  But Thomas’ eyes were opened, as his heart was opened, and his ears were opened, so too shall yours be.  When doubt, knocks on the door, call on Me, and there will come the evidence, you need, to wash away the doubt, and bring forth The Light, of that, which you believe.  Take My hand.  Walk with Me, today.  And when there is doubt, seek the answer, so that you might wash the doubt away.  Seek the answer, from within.  Seek the answer, and your faith, shall be restored, as the answer is given, unto you.  Seek the answer, so you too might know The Way.”