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April 30, 2023



          When it feels as if you are forgetting that which you know, know this.  It is the clouds of confusion that are hiding.  They are hiding what you remember.  The illusions of life upon Earth can mask that, which you know, within.  Do not be so impressed, or distracted, by the teachings of the world around you.  Every answer you need is within.  Seek within, and you will remember.  That, which you have forgotten, will be revealed.  Enlightenment will take the place of the feelings of forgotten wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Sometimes, when you are quiet, and you are still, there is a feeling rolling within you, a feeling you can almost touch.  You taste it on your tongue.  It is an understanding of what it is all about, of this journey you are on.  And for a brief, fleeting, second, you feel you know.  And then, it does go.  And what you remembered seems to be forgotten.  Do not despair.  Do not give up.  All you need do is practice, going within.  Sit with Me, and we will begin to understand, together.  This oneness can be illusive, unless you are willing to sit, so you might remember, and know.