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April 30, 2023



      “I AM with you.  It is time.  It is time to rise-up, and walk, into a new day, a new day that is fresh, and clean, and clear, a day in which clarity leads The Way.  I AM with you.                            


      “There is much misunderstanding about the teaching of oneness.  Even when I so clearly pointed-out, oneness, it was missed, and continues to be missed.  But I will always say, we are one.  I Am in The Father, you are in Me, and I AM in you.  It does not change.  But because you cannot figure it out, with your intellect, you attach different meanings to what I did say.  And because you do not give it time to percolate, within you: you hurt others, because you were hurt; you wound others, because you were wounded; you judge others, because you were judged.  And so, it continues.  But the answer to this lies in the teaching of oneness. 

      “Every time you have the opportunity to hurt, or wound, or judge, refuse to do so, understanding another teaching, that if you judge, you too are judged, because you are doing the judging, you are doing the hurting, you are doing the wounding.  Because that is what you are remembering.  But once this teaching of oneness settles within you, you come to understand that you can either bless, or damn. 

      “The great ocean of oneness is impacted by, your thoughts, your words, your deeds.  You can counter another’s thoughts, words, and deeds, in this ocean of oneness, by whatever you think, say, or do.  My brother, My sister, it is truly all up to you.  The world will change when: those inhabiting the Earth change; they are willing, to hold-out their hands, of welcome, and love, no matter what is standing, in front of them.  Because that will change the energy.  The energy comes to you, and, if it is negative, harmful, hurtful, it changes, with you, right there, because you refuse to continue the energy.  We are in it, together.  We are one.

      “So, let it be your choice to choose to love, those who hurt you; to love, those who harm you; to love, simply love, especially those who judge you.  That stops the flow of one energy and changes it to another.  And when the thoughts, the words, and the deeds, of humanity shift to “enlightened-ment,” then the energies, circling the Earth, will change.  And there will be years, and years, of peace.  But the peace will be brought about, by the children of God, walking the Earth, remembering, we are all one.”