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April 29, 2023




          Science can bring you information, some knowledge.  But in order to walk a spiritual path, you must leave that, which is seen, and walk amongst the unseen.  For, the unseen is where you see Me, in the corridors of your inner being, along the pathway of your inner landscape.  It is all waiting there.  And once you are familiar with that journey within, the outside world cannot harm you, or hurt you, in any way, because you know who you are, and what you are here to do.  Today, I call you to go, within.  Reject, the distractions, around you, and go within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           It is easy to be distracted, with worries and concerns, about your situation.  And each of you is in a situation.  There are feelings and emotions involved in each situation.  But I must say again, to you, you are not your feelings.  You are not the situation.  You are not the emotion.  And if you dwell there, for too long, the emotion, the feeling will become you.  Be in the present.  Acknowledge all that comes to you, and let it move through.  Let it not disturb you, or distract you, from the present piece of eternity you are living today, with God, within you.  When you repeat this, over and over, again, all these feelings and emotions will pass before you, and go from you.  You will see them.  You will know them.  But you will not be them.



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