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April 28, 2023

          Out of the clouds, there comes the light of the sun.  It was there, all the time.  Out of the storms, and the chaos, and the pounding rain, there comes a peaceful day.  It was there, all the time.  Out of a troubled heart, comes peace, comes love, comes compassion because I was in you, all the time.  Do not get so caught-up, in what is happening around you, that you lose direction, and forget to go within.  For, that is where you will find Me.  I have been there, all the time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           You have many examples, all around you.  And each one of you will have an example, which feels right to you.  But they all say the same thing.  Out of the darkness, out of the fear, out of the longest of nights, comes the day, bright, promising, and it is with you, now.


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