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April 27, 2023



          Proclaim your freedom, by trusting in My love for you, today.  Let not your heart be worried, for you are held within My love.  You have not felt it completely because other things, people, and situations have taken up your thoughts, and filled your day.  Empty, your vessel of thought, and sit with Me, today.  Shake away thoughts, churning within, pushing to the fore, so you will give them more credence, more attention.  Once you realize you are not your thoughts, your thoughts are not you, you will clearly see, and be in union with, Me.  Those thoughts, which can plague you through the night, and into the day, are robbing you of the glory of knowing Me.  They have become the filter through which you sieve everything, altering your perspective, and the way you live, to reflect the filter.  Come, let us clear the filter, as you sit, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Clear your mind of the invading thoughts, which sweep into your head, bringing chaos and confusion, diluting your day, into worry, concern, and dismay.  The place of freedom is within The Love of God.  It is yours, now.  God’s love is with you, now.  You do not have to do anything to earn what is already with you.  Come, let us clear your thoughts, as you sit with Me, today.