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April 26, 2023



Breathe-in the beauty, all around you. Do not take it for granted. Look, and see, and know, what is set before you, no matter where you are. Seek beyond the confines of your room, or your home, or your school, or your office, wherever you. Go beyond. Walk barefoot in the grass. Touch the bark of the tree. Take time to appreciate the flight of the bird. These are the gifts of creation, and you are there to hold them in wonder, and to hold yourself in wonder, because you are not observing nature, you are nature. You are My creation, and: that is where you belong; that is where you will find your peace; that is where you will reap wisdom from knowledge. You might know something, but until you sit quietly, amongst the trees, and grasses, and allow that knowledge to flow through you, open to all that it is saying to you, then, The Holy Spirit, within, will lead you from knowledge into wisdom.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      You can hear Me, whispering within you. You can feel Me, bringing messages to you, anywhere; but they flow more smoothly, when you are not confined, when the walls are down, when the doors are open; because you and I, at the core of your being, you, and The Spirit of God, are the center, the core. And when you are no longer confined by preconceived notions, walls, and doors, there is no circumference at all. It is just you and Me, and The Wisdom of God. Be still, and sit with Me.