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April 8, 2023


      Out of the most trying challenges, one can face, the one, who knows The Way, within, whose inner corridors are well-worn, will emerge victorious.  For, as they walk, through even the darkest of days, they will sit with Me, and learn the wisdom at My knee.  And the wisdom will carry, each one of you, through every trial, and tribulation.  Be at peace knowing this.  No one can give you wisdom.  Wisdom is to be sought.  It is a treasure, and each one must seek wisdom on their own.  There will be individuals who can teach you information.  They can share their knowledge of certain topics, with you.  But no one can give you wisdom.  Wisdom is a gift from The Holy Spirit, and you must go in search of it.  And The Holy Spirit will accompany you, and make sure that wisdom is yours.  Because that which you seek, you will find.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I AM inviting each of you to make the journey, within your being, to step over the threshold, leaving the world behind, so that you might sit, in a chamber divine, and ask your questions, and receive the answer.  And, in the asking, truth will be yours.  And at that moment, when you hold the truth, you will begin to realize the wisdom of truth.  Just as wisdom, truth cannot be bought.  Truth is the result of the search, of the seeker.  Seek the truth, with Me, and wisdom will accompany thee all the days of your life.