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April 7, 2023



      Be quiet, as you pray.  Be still.  Create a love, within you, so deep, so full, so real, and allow it to co-mingle, with My love, flowing into you.  And, in this state, with your love, and My love, creating a new energy, feel, beneath your feet, the pulse, of life, in Mother Earth, and draw this life-giving energy up, through your feet, to your heart; and let these energies roll together, creating a new energy, that those of Earth have not yet known.  It is new, within you.  Now, send it out, from you so that it will touch, and embrace, and kiss the face of all: those who are disenfranchised; those who have absolutely no one to hear their cry; those who feel they are alone; those who are walking through their darkest hour; those who have been punished, because they breathe, those who have been ignored, because they live, in a different way.  Today, create this new love energy, and send it out to touch all who are in need, because many are in need, many are crying, many have lost hope.  Send out the light, so they might see, in the darkness, and live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Amen.  So be it.  Amen.