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April 6, 2023



      There will be times when you send out invitations, for those you love, or care about, or possibly, just an acquaintance, to join you, in a meal, a banquet table, you set before them, to provide food, and drink, that, which they need, to sustain them.  You call them in, and say, be seated, my friend.  I have set this banquet for you.  But at the table, sitting around you, there could be those who do not understand you, or whose heart might hold the energy of envy, about you.  There could be jealousy.  There might be the energy of dishonesty.  But it does not matter, because you have prepared the bread, and you have poured the wine.  And those you ask to come, sit, and wait, to dine with thee.  So, you bless them, and you let them see, the beauty of God in the service, performed by thee.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not let your heart be hardened, by those around you, in that, which they say or do, because that, which others say, or do, really has nothing to do with you.  That is coming from within them.  It is theirs.  And with it, they are the ones who must do.  But if you hear the whisper, from within, know I AM calling you to stop, be still, and begin, to care more than what is created, within you, than you do about what others are thinking, of you.  Focus on the light, within you, and you will walk all your days in peace, and joy.  Bother not your heart, about the worries and concerns, regarding others.  Rejoice in your heart for the banquet that has been set, just for you.