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August 1, 2022




      There will be times, in your life, when you feel as if you are being pulled in one direction, and then another.  And, during these times, it will be difficult to know whether you should stand up, or sit down, to respond, to ask, to give, to receive.  Everything will seem confusing, and in chaos.  And it will seem this way, in the world, around you, as well.  Most often, when you encounter these times, the response is to move from one place to the other, trying to find the right thing, the right course, the right step.  But this constant movement, going here, and there, which began in attempt to resolve the issue, but usually, will end in despair, because your outer motions, your physical movements, begin to match your inner turmoil.  And the result is weariness.  This can be avoided.  When the world is in chaos, there is always a chance that some of that chaotic energy is going to move into your boundary, your space.  Keep your space clear and clean.  When you are tempted to do, and do, and do, physically, go within, and do less, and less, and less.  Be still.  Do not contribute to the chaos, and confusion.  Find your center, within.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When the winds, of chaos and confusion, are blowing, all around you, howling from one city to another, you can always find peace, within.  Do not contribute to the anguish, the turmoil, whatever is boiling, around you; and it will take practice to extract yourself from that energy.  But you will find a still, quiet place, where you can be quiet.  It is worth the practice, for the more you practice, the easier it will be for you to hold your space, hold your boundaries, and live in peace.