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July 31, 2022




      Whenever you choose to use your free will, following My will, you place yourself in the center of The Divine Flow, The Plan, creation continuing, flowing from My hand.  And that is where you remain.  See this and know it.  Every time you utter, “Thy will be done, God,” you are in My hand.  And knowing this, when things do not appear to be working out, as you had planned, it is at that moment, that time, you understand.  It is My hand, saying, “No, that is not The Way to go.  Come over here, and I will show you.”  This becomes our relationship.  You are confident in The Knowing, that all is flowing, as intended, by The Creator.  And in this way, worry and hesitation is taken from you, because it is your intention to do My will; and My will is that creation continues to flow, to move slowly, and go on into eternity, as it is meant to be.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you make the statement, “Thy will be done,” you are assuring yourself of being where you are meant to be, and doing what you are meant to do, without inner conflict, or chaos.  Be still, the signs are all around you.  Be quiet, the voices are speaking, and bringing you the message.  “Thy will be done, God,” is a statement more powerful than you can now know.


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