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July 31, 2022


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you, walking beside you.  Just because you do not see Me, in a physical form, does not mean I AM not with you.  There are a number of things that the human eye cannot see, yet you know they are with you.  But you see Me in a different way.  You see Me from your heart, from your spirit, and you know My presence with you.  And in that, is a beautiful relationship, a union, communion, comfort, and peace, because you know.  Even though you are the only person, sitting in a room, you are not alone.  I AM there, too.                


       “I know that there is a lot of talk about free will, and the gift given.  And sometimes you use your free will to do what you wish to do.  You will choose, one day, to go to a movie, or go to a sporting event, or do something that you wish to do.  That, even that, is using your free will.  You will do what you will to do.  Everything, you will to do, is a choice, made by you.  Many of you, firmly state, ‘I wish to do what God wants me to do.’ 

      “Thy will be done God.  Understand the power of that statement, and see it, through this example.  Let us say there is a Master Weaver, standing in the room, before you.  And The Master Weaver is creating a tapestry.  And The Master Weaver’s hands move, pull threads through, tie knots behind, but continue to move, across this living tapestry, with colors bright, and some hues, subdued.  But it all fits together, and it fits together, just right.  And you are working on a very small tapestry, of your own, watching The Master Weaver, learning from The Master Weaver, creating your own tapestry; but, your own tapestry is missing something.  You look up, and see, what The Master Weaver can do, and you look down.  Yours, somehow, has less light, less color, less hues.  And The Master Weaver turns, reading your thoughts, extends the hand, and summons you, to come forth, and stand, next to The Master Weaver.  And your piece, of tapestry, is placed on The Master Weaver’s tapestry.  And The Master Weaver’s hand, efficiently, and beautifully, weaves your tapestry, within The Grand Tapestry, that is created. 

      “You are a piece of The Masterpiece.  You are summoned by the hand of The Master Weaver, and you see your piece woven, into The Grand Tapestry.  This is an example.  When you say, ‘Thy will be done, God,’ that, which you are doing, is then moved into the flow, the eternal flow of creation.  And the hand of God weaves it into all that is happening, so it is in just the right place.  See this.  Know this.  And realize, how powerful, ‘Thy will be done, God,’ actually is.  You cannot fail, no matter what the plan, because it is all flowing, from the hand of God, and you have chosen to put yourself, right there, in the hand of God.  See it, as powerful as it is, and say it with intention, and purpose, when it is your intention, and purpose, and then, stand back, and watch, what the hand of God can do, through you.”