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July 30, 2022


      When you are walking along The Way, making forward progress, each day, and you encounter a pile, of debris, and rubble, so wide, and so high, that it would be difficult to walk around, or scale, stop.  Be patient.  Be still, and watch the pile, of debris, and rubble, melt, and almost disappear, leaving a bit of dust, at your feet.  Before you move forward, look, and see.  That, which you thought would stop you, was too wide, to go around, or too tall, to scale, is mere dust, blowing in the wind, no longer impeding your progress.  And all, you had to do was, be still, in My Presence.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Everyday life, upon Earth, brings challenges.  And sometimes, these challenges, can seem to be impossible, to move, or to budge, in any way.  The challenges take on many forms.  But when the challenge, is set before you, be still, and patience, and see, what God will do, with a pile, of debris, and rubble.  And as resolution unfolds, before you, you know The Ways of God, better.  There is no need for chaos, or confusion.  Just be still, in The Presence of God.