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July 29, 2022


      Do not allow fear, or doubt, or anxiety, to become the ingredients of any of your creations.  No matter what you are doing, right now, no matter what you are creating, right now, cleanse yourself of these ingredients, before they spoil, your creation.  Once created, with these energies, it can be a challenge to remove them, from the creation.  They become intertwined with all the other pieces and parts of your creation.  No matter how noble it might be, it will be tainted, if you permit fear, and doubt, and anxiety, to live, within that creation.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Before you create, make sure that the ingredients, of your creation, are the purest, because then your creation will be pure, and noble, and glorious.  Before you start, in any way, check the ingredients.  Make sure.  Put them out on the table, in front of you: noble thoughts; desire to help, to serve; compassion.  These things would make a good creation.  But if you are creating out of fear, or doubt, or anxiety, those fall into the pot, too.  And then, what you have, is a combination, a stew, of noble, and less than noble.  Before you create anything, today, check the ingredients, check the words you say, as you create, today.