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July 28, 2022


      There was a day, in your past, possibly years, and years ago, when you spent the day, or a week, or a month, in emotional anguish, worried, concerned, afraid.  Yet, here you are today, functioning in the daily tasks, loving family, and friends.  You made it through.  I encourage you to look back, at the times, when you were wringing your hands, caught-up in worry.  All, of the wringing of the hands, and the worry, and the concern, and the tears, and the anguish, were not necessary.  They did not speed a happy ending.  They did not bring you comfort, as you walked through that time.  It was just made more difficult.  Look back, and see, and know.  And then, when an issue comes up, bring it to Me.  Set it in My lap.  Take My hand, and we will continue, walking along The Way, as the issue is resolved, as we walk, as we pray.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       I was sent to be your Comforter, your Counselor.  Give Me the opportunity to be, what I AM meant to be, for you.  Find your peace, in stillness, with Me.  The disruptions, that come up, occasionally, will be calmed, as you trust, as you have faith, as you believe, that, as I was sent to you, it is meant to be, that your days, upon the Earth, can be worry free.  I will tell you where to go, and what to say, what to do.  And instead of worrying, you will rise-up, and do, that which is required of you, at that moment, at that time.  And you will find the strength, and courage, for God will whisper, “You are Mine.”