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July 27, 2022




      Be still, be quiet, listen, and you will hear Me.  My guidance, to you, will be as a warm blanket, on a cold night.  It will settle within you as truth, and you will know it.  All advice, offered by friends and family, will seem as empty chatter, once you hear My Voice, and know The Way you are to go, the steps you are to take.  Peace will be with you, because it will be My Peace, within you.  Do not tarry, in the doorway of indecision.  Do not stumble, over the threshold of doubt.  Be still, sit with Me, and chaos will dissipate.  Clarity will be yours.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       So often, when there is a decision to be made, there is the temptation to take the issue to family and friends, seeking answers, seeking guidance, advice.  Stop.  Be still.  By carrying an issue to others, the decision making process becomes clouded with the fears, and doubts, of others.  Sit with God.  This is something each one of you can do.  Even when there is no family to go to, even when there are no friends to contact, God is with you.  The Wisdom of God is yours, for the asking.  Seek the answer in The Presence of God, and you shall know, The Way you are to go, you shall know, the words to say.  The Peace of God will be within you.  The Way will be made clear for you.  Be still.  Be quiet.  Listen.