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August 15, 2023



          As you move into the new day, you carry My Spirit, verily My Kingdom, with you, for My Spirit dwells, within you, and your soul holds, within it, My Kingdom.  You have heard it said that The Kingdom of God is near to you.  You are a daughter, or son, of The Kingdom of God.  This does not change, just because you forget that.  This does not change, just because you reject that.  This does not even change when you layer My Spirit, My Kingdom, with the energies of anger, hatred, or judgment.  My Spirit is with you always, in all ways.  Sometimes, it is necessary to do a bit of cleansing to recover The Presence, within.  But it is worth the work, to recover the gift, which has already been given, which lives, within thee.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           When you walk, in The Light of God, you path is always illuminated, and you know The Way.