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August 14, 2023


          What you are seeking cannot be found in the world where material objects eventually rust, decay, crumble, or fade away.  For, that which your spirit is seeking, that which your soul knows well in its everlasting existence, will not rust, decay, crumble, or fade way.  You are seeking the eternal.  And the eternal exists, within you.  You carry eternity, within you.  Within is where to go, first.  The material world will often lead you in circles.  The truths, facts, even dogmas will change, will alter, with the discovery of new truths, facts, leading to the creation of new dogmas, leaving you with more questions with no answers.  Be still, be quiet, and go within.  That which you seek will be revealed, in the quiet of your soul.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           State now, that which you seek, and be still.  In the quiet, with the sincerity of your heart open to accept that which I reveal, is when you come to see, embrace, and know.  Wisdom will come to you, as you are enfolded within My love for you, as you hear all you are ready to bear.  Come, seek within, where the door shall be opened, as you knock, as you sit, as you wait, as you come to Me.