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August 25, 2022


      The doors, to My house, are never closed, never locked.  Walk out into the forest, and stand, with the trees.  My house is never crowded.  It is never cramped.  There is room for all, as the leaves of autumn fall, creating a carpet of brilliant colors, on which to walk.  It is a living house where all can be heard, singing in celebration, singing of My creation.  Look, around you, and rejoice.  You are witnessing the continuing creation, in which all are welcome.  The doors are never closed, never locked.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       As you walk upon the Earth, and notice nature, all around you, you become aware that it is the sacred creation of God.  It does not randomly happen.  It all came about, in the thought, of God.  And creation continues.  It lives.  It moves.  And you have an opportunity to observe it, and be in it, as you are part of it.  Today, when your eye catches a flower, or a bird, or a particular tree, let your gaze go deeper.  Let your eyes see.  Open your heart, with gratitude and thanksgiving, and be, in the house of God.