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August 27, 2022



      The river follows the way, the path, therefore it will get where it is to go, only to be drawn up, into the sky, and then, settled on Earth, again, as rain.  The seasons, follow the way, one moving into the next, until it comes, to begin, again.  Each day follows another, and soon December becomes January, to begin, again.  There is a circle, there is a cycle, there is forever, and all that was begins, again.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       Put one foot down, and take, a step.  Then, lift the other foot, and begin, again.  You are moving, in a circle, in a cycle.  Be at peace, as you breathe-in, and breathe-out, because each breath begins anew, again.  All continues, the beginnings become the end, and the end becomes the beginning.  It is forever.  You will live eternally, forever.  That which falls will fall away, but you, the eternal you, will remain to rise-up, and live again.