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August 3, 2022


      There is a place, where you can go, to watch as: the fertile land brings growth; water, falling from the sky, brings growth; light, from the sun, brings growth.  And in that meadow, growing from rich soil, water, and light, there are many flowers, and the grass is green; and it stretches on and on, to places unseen, as you stand at the edge of the meadow, held in awe at life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There is a place, within you.  And it is a place where the waters of grace, and The Light of God, come together, and draw forth life, from the fertile soul.  You are a walking garden, in that way.  Your soul is fertile.  The waters of grace nurture it.  And The Light of God brings it all to life.  And, as you walk, over the Earth, for your numbered days, in this state, others see they are standing at the edge of a fertile garden, filled with light, fresh and new.  Tend your garden, within.