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August 7, 2023



          The bell, no matter how small, or large, cannot ring, cannot peal, on its own.  There must be one to pull the cord, grip handle, or play the chords.  Sometimes, the power of the wind will bring even the largest of bells to ring-out, from the bell tower.  But, minus outside action, the bell will not sing-out its unique tone.  The song will not be sung.  Let your spirit pull the cord, which stirs you.  Let your soul take the handle, which moves you.  Let your heart play the chords, which prompt you to song.  Let The Wind create within you the power to bring you to action, even when you are weary.  Ring-out your tone.  Sing your song.  Use all that is within you to peal a song of joy and peace.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Every bell has its own tone.  When held in the hand of a master ringer, the unique beauty of its song is complete, its purpose accomplished.  And, in the hands of The Master the unique beauty of your song is complete, your purpose accomplished.  In the hands of The Master you can do all you are meant to do.