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August 8, 2023


          If you have been labeled cruel, mean, hateful, come to Me.  If you are filled with anger, rage, and retaliation, come to Me.  For, My son, My daughter, I do not acknowledge the labels, I do not know you as anger, rage, or retaliation.  In My eyes you are eternally My child.  I know the core of you, where My Spirit dwells, within you.  And, in that place, within that home, which is our Home, you are held in My Light, and precious beyond words to Me.  So let it be, and come, to Me.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           There is beauty, within you.  I know this as truth, for I live, within you.  There is glory, within you, for there you will find God.  Be still and know, We are One.



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