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Beyond Epiphany


Beyond Epiphany


          The days of January are flying, passing so quickly that one barely ends when, yet another begins.  Since moving to Des Moines, to live with my son and his family, I have not often set an alarm clock.  I am blessed with a sing-song voice, coming from my four year old granddaughter almost every morning.  Well before 7:00 am she is knocking on the door, before opening it and running to my bed, announcing that sleep time is over.  It is time for play.  At first the early morning visitations were met by me pretending to still be asleep, wanting a few more minutes beneath the covers.  It has been pretty frigid here in Iowa this winter.  Now, I find I am awake and waiting for the knock, and the door opening quietly, and the small voice reminding me it is time to get up and play.  For me, it can be easy to wrap myself comfortably in the season of my life, tempted to be more interested in what I have done rather than all that is waiting to be done.  Without the knock, the open door, and the sweet call, the present of the present might remain unopened, never taken from the shelf of possibilities, never enjoyed at all.  Most mornings we begin with quiet games, pretending games, in which we are rarely ever human beings, but rather kittens, and cupcakes, which can talk, and sea turtles, and the roles go on and on.  Our mornings are filled with talking flowers and walking trees, birds singing joyfully, and bees buzzing around.  There are no boundaries to what can happen.   The only limitations are the experiences we are not willing to explore, such as crawling on the floor, as the turtle, or a kitten, or surprisingly as a cupcake, or trees dancing to the song of the birds.  While caught up in the games we are playing, there is not time to notice that my granddaughter is showing me that there are no limitations, just endless experiences, waiting with the coming of a new day.


The reading I have chosen today is from Psalm 96:12

The Reading

January 22, 2024

 Let the fields be jubilant, and everything in them; let all the trees of the forest sing for joy.”  Psalm 96:12


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