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January 23, 2024





          To see clearly you must empty the vessel, strip the residue away, cleanse with care, and dry gently, restoring clarity with loving hands, and a heart seeking revelation in The Light.  A crystal will not remain brilliant unless it is cleaned in the moving waters.  A glass will not remain transparent unless it is washed, allowing the light to shine through, revealing all that sits in front of you.  And it is the same with you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Do not permit your vessel to be marred with debris from the past, for God offers you cleansing in a most complete way.  All that is of shadow will begin to see clearly.  All that is of darkness will open to The Light.  And the living waters of God’s grace will touch your face, your heart, your soul, your very being, removing all the dust from every crevice, until you shine in The Light, revealing all you are.  You are of the stars.  You are of the Earth.  You are of the Heavens.  You are of The Spirit of God.  Your value cannot be measured.  It is beyond that which those of Earth know.  Breathe deeply, and celebrate all you have been, exhaling, with determination, to be all you are, in the eyes of God.