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January 24, 2024


          Do not be burdened by the past, for the weight of it will slow you down, bring a weariness to your life upon Earth.  What is it that is wearing on you?  Is it a past slight, an insult or harm?  Remember, if it is that someone hurt you, through words shouted, until the sound of it drove you out into the garden, your tears falling to the ground: the barking dog has reason to bark; the roaring lion has reason to roar; and, the crying child has reason to cry.  You do not have to understand the bark, the roar, the cry, but hold within your heart compassion for the root of the clamor.  For every cry, every roar, every bark has its source, a wound, a scar.  See the one caught in anger, retaliation, or revenge, as the one who is crying out, as a child, for the injury deep inside, which will not heal, covered, so no one will see it, by a dressing of pride.  Do not be taken in, thinking you caused the din.  It goes deeper, under the skin, lying hidden, in place, an injury from long ago.  Allow My love for you to settle the shaking inside.  It can be difficult to remain calm within the storm, but it is possible, when you are at peace, when your heart and spirit are settled, within the grace of My love, for you.  So, no matter what has happened to you, do not drag it with you into the new day.  Set it down, put it away, be still, sit, with Me, and together we will look, and see, forgive, and bless all that has come to you.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

           Be mindful, and do not permit a sense of pride to grow, within you, by refusing to look and see, forgive and bless, that which is ailing thee.  The ego, longing to stand alone, as an island, will pull you in the direction of rejection of any thoughts of forgiveness or reconciliation, any attempts to bless and release.  Push beyond the ego, embracing the ways of God, for God is Spirit and God is love, and so are you.