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December 1, 2021

I give you today. This day is my gift to you. As with any gift, you have the choice as to what you do with it. Sometimes when you receive a gift, you unwrap it and it is just the right gift. It is just the thing you wanted, so you eagerly use it. Other times, you receive a gift and the gift is interesting. You may want to use it, but you are unsure how it will fit into your life and when you will use it. So, you set it on a shelf or in a closet. Other times you are given a gift and it is not at all something you want or something you think you will use. So, you throw it away, or you give it to charity, or you re-gift it. Consider carefully what you will do with the gift of this day. For it is yours to use as you wish, but it is still a piece of your Eternity. It is a piece of your eternal journey. What you do with today will affect tomorrow and the next day. I encourage you to use today wisely. Don’t set it on the shelf. Don’t throw it away. Embrace it for it is my gift to you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Look at today as a gift. Consider it as a gift and the time of today will be more precious to you. This will help you to be more conscious of what you do with this day. No matter what you choose in this day, know that God loves you and he is with you.